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Shandell Pino

inner light academy

Bringing you back to your inner light

You have everything you need inside of you.

Inner Light Academy is here to remind you that you have everything you need within yourself. You carry a light within that will light the way ahead, we simply guide you back home within yourself to remember your light.

Inner Light Services

Ketamine Sitter

Psychedelic integration

I am here to be with your during your ketamine session for support and as you enter into the medicine, during your journey and as you begin to come back.

I am also available to help you integration your experience from any type of psychedelic medicine into your daily life 

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Energy Work


Metta Healing

Energy Kinesiology



Chakra Clearing

Angel Guidance

Tarot/Oracle/Angel Card Reading

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Innate Drivers

Core Wound


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Happy Clients

“I hope you deeply know what a HUGE contribution you have made on my healing journey!! I am beyond grateful we chose to show up and play together!!”
~T. Bentley

“Amazing! I’ve felt a huge pressure lifted in my head. My body feels more calm; almost like a euphoric feeling. I no longer fight nor fear the voices; I’ve allowed myself to accept it and to try to navigate through it. I feel like I remember who I am and I had been fighting it for so long because I thought it was bad. Which I think subconsciously made me think I was bad for having this happen to me and that’s why it was so difficult for me to practice self love and have this fear of judgement. I keep hearing- please embrace yourself. And now I’m ready to embrace it instead of fear it.”
~G. Mullins

When you did my son’s core values, Creativity was his first. When he told me that I was slightly surprised. Then I was able to see how creative he is and I could see his Creativity growing. This week he wanted to change his major from academic to art and because we both knew Creativity was his core value it was much easier to take that leap of faith… in just 2 days he is so much happier 💗
Thank You 😘
~ G. Rast

“I can’t explain the feeling other than enormous joy! You’ve helped so much and I always feel more grounded afterwards so thank you for sharing your light with me. 🙏

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